AnVi Investment
- Real Intelligent Investing.


AnVi Invest is a business partnership that purchases investment properties to help grow the wealth of all parties involved.

Build wealth with us by either becoming an equity partner on our next deal or take advantage of our high interest rates and become a private lender.

Established in 2018

5+ Years of Experience in the field

$ 8.5M+

Assets Under Management


Total Units

$ 660k+

Annual Gross Rents

$ 1,000,000+

Total Capital Raised

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Properties we have sold

Check out our portfolio of sold properties and make informed decisions about your own property transaction.

What people say

I was skeptical at first but now I’m really happy I decided to partner with AnVi. Now I can see that in a few years I’ll have made 5 times as much as I had initially invested and where else can you find that kind of return?! I also get a monthly return from my property which is a great bonus!
Diana Turner
AnVi Investor
Drew is an expert AirBnB Superhost, he shared 2 crucial tips on AirCover that will make a difference on my claims getting approved without headaches. More importantly, Drew is an amazing coach with a heart that truly cares about your success. Definitely want him in your corner taking you to the next level in REI.
Jenny Cleary
AnVi Customer
Andrew always over-delivers with practical tips that can take your AirBnb to a higher level. He will help you navigate so that you don't make the same mistakes. Great value.
Bobby Jacob
AnVi Customer
Anvi Investments is our primary mode of investment and passive income strategy. As a busy household with one of our kids prepping for college and another getting ready for middle school, Anvi investments was a perfect fit for our family. It also helps that the returns are pretty solid and our portfolio is diversified with little to no effort on our part 😉 Most importantly, we trust and appreciate the Anvi team and their core values, particularly their ethics and transparency. Anvi Investments has truly been a game changer for us and we look forward to many more years of partnership.
AnVi Investor