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AnVi Invest is a business partnership that purchases investment properties to help grow the wealth of all parties involved.

Build wealth with us by either becoming an equity partner on our next deal or take advantage of our high interest rates and become a private lender.


Who We Are

Andrew McCormick

Andrew is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and real estate agent who owns multiple small business in Orange County, CA. His primary role in AnVi is managing current assets and building teams in new and current investment areas.

“I am constantly seeking ways to become more efficient, successful, and have the processes even more streamlined by taking notes from past experiences. Where there is a will, there is a way, and probably more than one.” – Andrew

Vince Rodriguez

Vince has been the leading force behind AnVi Invest since its inception. Coming from an analytical background, he leads the team in the acquisition of new assets. He has been featured on major podcasts that stream worldwide. You can hear him talk about the AnVi journey and secret strategies by clicking here.

” I believe being an engineer and working in technology gives me a unique perspective on real estate investing. Understanding graphs and numbers are not only part of my daily job but something I really enjoy.” – Vince, 2019

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