“Money can’t buy you happiness but it sure can buy your FREEDOM.” – Vince Rodriguez

Pro Package

  • for initial consultation up to 1 hour 
  • Includes in depth portfolio assessment
  • asset protection for your portfolio
  • custom tailored tax strategies for you and your business
  • you will be given a to do list of things to give your CPA and or attorney
  • works best for self starters and have time to go do additional research on your own time

VIP Package


up to 3 hours

everything in Pro Package +

  • done for you , meaning I will do what’s necessary for you or your business and tell you exactly how to do it or do it myself
  • access to my team including my personal lawyer and CPA team
  • any strategies will be done for you by me with you on the call with my team
  • includes a debrief after the call
  • listen in and explain what we need to do for your business for asset protection and tax savings with an attorney or cpa of your choice
  • can introduce to my team of cpas and lawyers if requested 
  • includes a debrief after the call 
  • hold your hand through the process and make sure its done right compared to do it yourself with the other package

Boardroom Package

Everything in VIP Package + 6 months of access to me personally to any questions you might have to grow your business and protect your assets

$1997 and up to 6 months of access with me

redeemable within 90 days of purchase

Consult includes 

  • How to buy your 1st investment property
  • downloading my brain with thousands of hours of research on topics such as Real Estate, financial freedom, business entity structures etc
  • with specific focus on your case
  • review of your current business structure 
  • includes info about structuring your entities LLC, Land Trusts, S Corp etc 
  • ways to reduce your tax liability legally 
  • is privacy important to you? can we make your assets private?
  • protecting your assets using a COP entities  
  • any questions regarding real estate deal structuring, funding deals , 
  • call will include a to do list 

consult will include what to do for your specific case. this is ideal for someone with a business or a side hustle or a real estate business or rental property. 
if you just have a W2 job , might not help you. but if you have a W2 job with a few rental properties or own your own business or thinking about a side hustle, it will be a gamechanger
I save my clients on average $7000 to $10,000
you can give your CPA and /or attorney the “to do list” for your scenario. Can chat with your team
follow up call only available after initial consult 

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